Meet Our Client Advocates

The client’s main point of contact during the property management experience will be our Client Advocates. They review and respond to all communications to and from McGrath Real Estate clients to ensure that they receive prompt and accurate answers to their questions. Our Client Advocates also direct the departments to address client need.  Email our Client Advocates at


Gregg Waters – Client Advocate/Property Manager

Gregg is a dedicated advocate for property management needs. Experienced and genuine, Gregg reviews and responds to all client questions and advises them on solutions and answers to their needs and educates them how to select the best course of action. Gregg, a Herndon native, has years of experience as a property manager. He is also a licensed Realtor. SkypeID: GreggWaters.McGrath


Tim Savin – Client Advocate/Property Manager

Tim works in our clients’ best interests through all aspects of his responsibilities as a property manager. Putting himself in the shoes of the client, Tim takes an extra element of care as he reviews and responds to questions and advises clients on solutions to their property management needs. He is also a licensed Realtor. SkypeID: TimSavin.McGrath



John Bennett – Senior Property Manager

John advises clients on lease compliance negotiations and special situations where experience and objective reasoning are important. He resolves tenant issues by enforcing leases and an experienced based practical approach to problem solving. John is a licensed Realtor and National Association of Residential Property Management (NARPM) member, and he is an example of a solid, procedure-based property manager. SkypeID: JohnBennett.McGrath



Dave Anderson – Property Manager and Owner Departure Coordinator

Dave exemplifies the McGrath Real Estate emphasis on care and effort to serve our clients. He performs the owner “pack-out” to make sure we have all the things we need to be successful for our clients once they leave the home. He follows up on lose ends when a client initially leaves their home, including following up on repairs and final touches. He works mainly in the field and is also a licensed Realtor.