Meet Repairs

The Repairs Department receives and coordinates repair and maintenance requests between contractors, tenants and owners. All maintenance concerns are outsourced with independent contractors. The repairs department is dedicated to leveraging their experience into value for our clients and tenants with maintenance concerns. Email the Repairs Department at


David “Buck” Buckingham – Repairs Manager

Buck is our hands-on manager who uses his expertise to trouble shoot before sending out vendors. His key focus is addressing problems at the source and taking effective measures to resolve them. He uses “metrics for success” to continuously evaluate and measure the performance vendors to ensure they are performing good quality craftsmanship, are responsive to repairs that need immediate attention, are fair-priced for their services and are licensed, bonded and insured. Buck is also a licensed Realtor. SkypeID: DavidBuckingham.McGrath



Zack Brown – Maintenance CoordinatorDSC_4146R57-3106334477-O

Zack is the first point of contact for maintenance requests from tenants. He also monitors the progress of work orders and answers questions about the status of them from tenants, owners and vendors. Whether it is a hurricane that whips through our area, a hot day when air conditioners break down, or a simple leaky faucet, Zach will be there to help you through the repair process start to finish.