Why McGrath Real Estate Chose to Not Make Renters Responsible for Gutter Cleaning

The McGrath Real Estate Services, Inc. lease does not require that our tenants have the gutters cleaned at their own expense.  There are several reasons for this, some obvious, some not, but after years of debate on the subject, McGrath chose this course of action as it benefited our owners the most. So what are the reasons?

Most obviously, we found that many tenants, in an effort to save money, attempted to clean the gutters themselves. While we were fortunate to never have a serious accident, the opportunity was there for our owners to be liable in case of a tenant fall and injury. When researching cases around the country and state, we found that liability increased if an owner had left one of their ladders at the property and the tenant used it. Now, you may be asking yourself, why didn’t McGrath require a professional to do the gutter cleaning? Many firms have this stipulation and they, as well as McGrath, have found it impossible to enforce and gain compliance. Especially in this economy, most people are looking to save money where possible, and even if they have someone else do the cleaning, it was usually not a professional that meets the standards you and McGrath would expect.

The risks of having a poor gutter cleaning range from minor to severe, including rotten wood, insect infestation (ants and termites thrive in these environments), foundation problems and window leaks. Most people would not notice these issues at the beginning, and the problem could worsen without any notice.

McGrath Real Estate highly recommends having a bi-yearly gutter cleaning from a licensed bonded and insured contractor set up at your property, especially if your home is in a “treed” area . Typically the cost of a cleaning is approximately $65 for a standard townhome and $95 for a single family home. We have several reliable contractors we recommend and can set up the contract for you, if you desire. For more information on gutter cleaning or setting up a gutter cleaning, contract please contact our Client Advocate team at ClientAdvocate@McGrathRealEstate.com


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