Understanding Your Owner Portal

In October 2010, the “Owner Portal” launched as a benefit to our owners. However after the launch we received a lot of feedback that clients were confused on how to use the portal to see their monthly statements. Upon reviewing our procedures, including when we disburse your funds we’ve made a couple changes that you should be aware of.

  • The Owners Portal will be available on the 11th of each month. The portal will show activity from the 11th of the previous month through the 11th of the current month. For example, the May Portal will be for April 11th-May 11th. The benefit of posting the portal on the 11th is that you will be able to see your owner payment on the 10th. This is a direct result of YOUR feedback!
  • The Owners Portal will have both current and past Owner Packets. These packets are the monthly owner statement, work orders and corresponding invoices/pictures. You have the ability to download these packets at any time in PDF format.
  • A valuable benefit that we provide to you is the Owners Portal. The portal is very unique in that it does not require a username and password to login. It can be a challenge to remember a username and password every month. Instead, the Owners Portal requires your email address to gain access.

To sign into your owner portal please follow these directions:

  1. Open an internet browser and go to http://mcgrath.appfolio.com/portal
  2. Enter your email address and click the send access email
  3. Go to your email program and click the one time link in the email you receive from us

When you click the link, you will be signed into your secure Owners Portal and have access to your reports.

The Owner Statements are uploaded the day after the owner payments are disbursed, therefore you are able to see your owner payment and then you are able to check your bank account to verify the payment did in fact go through. You also will be able to see all invoices and pictures that were paid in that corresponding month’s statement.

If you ever have any questions about your monthly statements or the Owner Portal, please don’t hesitate to ask our Accounting Department at Accounting@McGrathRealEstate.com.


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